Unraveling the Biden Bribery Scandal: Whistleblower found killed

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Ex-NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani, a former attorney for President Trump, claimed to have insider information on a whistleblower possessing significant evidence of a Biden bribery scheme. Tragically, the whistleblower died under mysterious circumstances after the U.S. attorney chose to disregard the damning evidence. Anyone familiar with America’s corruption knows this is a common fate shared by those who snitch on America’s #1 protected class, politicians. Just look at the 56 suspicious deaths surrounding Hillary Clinton. One even “shot himself in the back of the head… twice.” Another managed to hang himself, shoot himself in the chest, and then hide the shotgun 30 feet away. I’ll let you work out those impossibilities on your own. Like Vince Foster and Mark Middleton’s murders, this suspicious death reak of the protected class protecting their own.

Giuliani’s Bombshell Revelation

The whistleblower in question was the chief accountant at Burisma, a Ukrainian energy company infamous for its questionable financial connections with Hunter Biden. In a recent interview with Newsmax, Giuliani voiced his frustrations with the seemingly opaque operations within the U.S. justice system.

Special Counsel Jack Smith’s Naive Assertion

In his interview, Giuliani also critiqued special counsel Jack Smith, who led an investigation into Trump’s handling of classified documents. According to Giuliani, Smith’s assertion of a unified legal system in the U.S. is a far cry from the reality of the situation.

The Ignored Evidence

Years ago, Giuliani had stumbled upon Biden’s involvement in a $10 million bribery case with Ukrainian Mykola Zlochevsky. Despite presenting this evidence to the DOJ, the case was largely ignored, leading to the subsequent death of the critical whistleblower under questionable circumstances.

Delaware Attorney General’s Office and Its Lack of Action

Giuliani’s frustration with the lack of action from the Delaware Attorney General’s Office, which took over the case from the Pittsburgh Attorney General under former Attorney General William Barr, is palpable. He believes their inaction directly resulted in the threat to, and eventual death of, the whistleblower.

Conclusion: A Call for Greater Transparency and Accountability

This case highlights our legal system’s pressing need for greater transparency and accountability. Our duty as a nation is to demand truth and justice, regardless of political affiliations. The unfortunate death of the whistleblower serves as a grim reminder of the costs of complacency and ignorance.

The sweet, sweet taste of irony: Dominion, Rudy G. and doing the bidding of  a moron.

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